The end of the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest

In short, the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest is no longer, if you have questions about a vest which you can use with your ambulatory infusion pump, use the contact form. You will be redirected to for this.

From what is understood from patients is that since 2018, AbbVie B.V. provides them with a shirt which has a hard box on the front to hold the duodopapump, it's called the Snug Vest, this is not the same as the Dutch Design Duodopa Vest, which AbbVie B.V. stopped ordering since 2018. The Snug Vest is an extremely made bad copy of a very good product.

On 7 Juli 2020, EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office, came to the decision in favor of the opponent AbbVie AB.
You can find more information about the application for a declaration of invalidity on The Story

I want to thank all the patients for their support for the last 2 years. Unfortunately, the Dutch Design Duodopa Vest will not be sold any longer. It saddens me to say, that the AbbVie patients have to deal with the Snug Vest as good and as bad as they can.